Thursday, January 15, 2015

Day 13

Today, thankfully, was better attended than yesterday.  Subteams continued to further flush out designs and settle on details.  Subteams converged to participate in a group discussion on a possible major design change on the robot.  The team is considering extending our elevator mechanism beyond the robot frame.  This change has the potential to completely change the design of the elevator subsystem as well as the gripper/forklift subsystem.  It is under consideration because in theory it will greatly decrease the weight of the elevator and relieve torque from the totes, thus easing movement of the elevator system.

With such a significant design change, the team agreed to sleep on it and come to a decision first thing tomorrow.  

As an update, our team is replenished with cups.  While our lives will be made easier, there is no longer a need for creative solutions to drinking water.