Saturday, January 28, 2017

Day 16

Today was (happily) much more productive than yesterday.

Although it didn't look likely in the beginning, more and more students came as the day went on.

The drivebase subteam continued to work on CADing the robot and started to figure out how the robot's layout.

Meanwhile, the gear subteam worked on building the actual gripper.

Thanks to our wonderful robotics parents, we had lunch, which included fortune cookies and horror stories from last year about moldy food.

Unfortunately, our drill press broke, but it was "professionally fixed" by our mentors in just a few hours. (If any companies are reading this, the team would greatly appreciate some brand new tools! Please contact the team at

Programming continued to work on completing a few of their myriad tasks. This included working on using SmartDashboard to send data to the robot, testing image processing, and about 50,000 other things that I've probably forgotten. we did discover that image processing was considerably faster when frames weren't being displayed.

The team also worked on organizing the shop. Although it's not completely immaculate, the shop at least looks a lot nicer than it did when the meeting started this morning.

We also received an old fridge. Whether it works is another matter, but in theory, it should work.

Just like our robot.