Saturday, January 7, 2017

Kickoff 2017

Like so many other FRC games in the past, this game had people guessing for months.
Common predictions among our team involved climbing and flying minibots (don't judge). They also included anything else related to the words "take flight".
After so much speculation by our team and others, the only thing FRC could do was not have a game this year finally reveal the truth.
In a quest to find this truth (sorry for the Stronghold reference), our team woke up early and traveled to Mountlake Terrace to see the game video:

Afterwards, we spent the rest of the day breaking down the game and then trying to figure out some priorities. Although breaking down the game was fairly simple, coming up with priorities was a much different story. Our discussions felt like this:
-Think of an idea
-Come to an almost-unanimous consensus that the new idea is better
Fortunately, after a lot of thorough discussion, we finally decided to focus on gears, with room for a climber. This climber would be added during the offseason.

This is really a big step forward, because in the past it’s taken about a week to come up with a main focus for our robot.
The meeting ended at four, giving our members plenty of time to go home and watch the 5:15 Seahawks game (Go Hawks!).
The next meeting will be spent prototyping a drivebase and installing the new 2017 FRC Update Suite, with maybe some github tutorials thrown in as well.