Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Day 35: …perfect?

After 6 weeks (and some change), FRC Team #2412 is proud to present our 10th creation: Falca.

Falca can pick up gears, put them on pegs (in teleop and autonomous), and climb.
·        Teleoperated:
o   6 wheel tank drive, powered by 4 CIMs
o   Pneumatic gripper can pick gear off the ground
o   Chain-driven climber powered by a 775 pro
·        Autonomous:
o   Can put gear on any peg
o   Crosses baseline for extra 5 points
(Yes, I copied these from the team’s homepage).

Like yesterday, there was a lot of autonomous testing and drive practice in today’s meeting. The team also worked on making little birdies to give out during competition.
Although we had some…wiring issues with the robot, we were eventually able to get autonomous to put the gear on the side pegs consistently.