Sunday, March 26, 2017

2017 Glacier Peak

This was a series of downs, ups, and downs (Peaks and valleys?)

After the usual setting up and robot inspection on Friday, we returned Saturday morning eager to cooperate and compete with other teams.

Unfortunately, that eagerness was in jeopardy when we lost our first few matches. A big reason for this was our robot repeatedly losing communication.

Even worse, our autonomous didn’t work, and our climber had difficulty catching the rope.

It was not a good time for the Robototes. At times it felt as if FRC stood for FIRST Robots Cry.

However, we were able to pull ourselves together and fix many problems. We added more Velcro to the climber, fixed our communication problems (it turned out to be some bad wiring), and made significant progress in autonomous.

Aided by these improvements, we won nearly all of last few Saturday matches.

On Sunday, we continued our streak of success and finished qualification matches with a record of 7-5, ranked #18.

Unfortunately, our matches ended there. The first few matches when we had the communication problems lowered our stats, and as a result, nobody picked us.

Our team will be spending a long week working on the robot, and we hope to see you this weekend at Auburn.