Sunday, April 2, 2017

2017 Auburn


Many competitions have ups and downs, but this one had even more than usual. If there is a rollercoaster in Washington, it is located in Auburn High School.

Fortunately, this rollercoaster started on a high note. We quickly went through inspection and spent the rest of Friday doing drive practice and fixing some networking issues.

On Saturday, the rollercoaster began its exhilarating and nerve-wracking journey. Many times, it seemed as if we won one match and lost the one right after that. The good news is that we consistently had three rotors turning by the end of match, plus an additional 50 points for climbing. The bad news is that our wild ride gave many members of our team motion sickness (also known as being extremely tired and fatigued).

The next day, we split our last two qualification matches and ended up with a record of 6-6, ranked #14.

From there, the rollercoaster began its upward ascent. We joined an alliance with the #7 seed, 5295 (Aldernating Current), and our hosts, 3219 (TREAD). After many hard fought matches, we ended up as semifinalists. Our journey reached its peak when we won the Innovation and Control Award for our vision tracking and gear intake.

Sadly, what goes up must come down, and to our disappointment, we will not be going to the District Championship in Cheney.

However, we were still able to achieve a lot this weekend. We scored four rotors three times (once in elimination matches) and even had a high score of 395.

We hope to see you next year!