Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Day 19: Robot kicking

Today each subteam tried to make progress to the best of their ability. (Waiting for parts to arrive is blocking many subteams).

Intake took apart their entire system...for the third time. They're currently working on putting it back together again. The good news is that this time, they have a finalized design (here's hoping it doesn't change again).

The climber subteam was busy with CAD today. They've gone through design changes recently and are busy refining them.

Lift has done all they can do right now. Shipping is blocking them right now as they need to wait for the right parts to arrive.

Once again, most of the software team left early. This dilapidated group needs nothing less than an assembled, working robot. The lack of said robot makes testing very difficult.

But, all was not lost for the poor programmers. Team members saw at least one of them kicking a robot for "testing purposes". A rope was later tied to the robot and used to pull it. What could this mean? The rest of us can only speculate....