Monday, January 8, 2018

Day 2: Strategy + Prototyping

Our team spent today deciding which subsystems we should make. After about an hour of discussion, we decided on including the following subsystems:
  • Drivebase
  • Power Cube Manipulator
  • Intake
  • A low lift/launcher (for switch)
  • Programming
  • Electrical
(A Power Cube Manipulator would move a Power Cube around inside the robot. An Intake would bring a cube into the robot from the outside).
We'll be prototyping the Manipulator, Intake, and Launcher along with the following subsystems:
  • Climber
  • A high lift/launcher (for both the scale and switch)
After prototyping, we'll decide if we want a climber, a high lift/launcher, or both.
We then began the prototyping process (yay?). We drew many sketches of potential designs. We came up with some ideas ourselves and copied learned from other team's ideas from the past.