Monday, January 15, 2018

Day 8: Wolverine Robotics Visits!

Today Wolverine Robotics (949) from Bellevue High School visited us! They brought a drivebase and ended up driving it around towards the end of the meeting.
Meanwhile, here's a breakdown of what each subteam did:

Intake continued working on their prototype today. This subteam is often understaffed, but today a fair number of people trickled in over time. (They also gained more people by stealing from other subteams).
Intake ruled out one design and began prototyping another towards the end of the meeting.

The climber subteam has two competing designs. Both of them some degree. They completed metal versions of both and began testing and refining them.

Like the climber subteam, the lift team has two different designs and worked on both today. They spent the meeting testing and rebuilding their prototypes.

Today, programming tackled two difficult tasks. One was replicating the network setup used in competition. The other was making a robot drive straight.