Thursday, February 1, 2018

Day 21: Gearboxes

Today the only (mechanical) sub-team that didn't work on gearboxes was intake. Climber, lift, and drive base each built gearboxes for their systems. Intake did not because theirs are already finished.

But, teams didn't only work on gearboxes. Intake decided to replace part of their system with another part. The general concept is the same, though. Climber worked on CADing more parts of their subsystem. Drive base manufactured other parts of their subsystem. And lift? Lift worked on birdies and buttons.

Meanwhile, software worked on making autonomous Very Accurate instead of Accurate. This involved advanced techniques such as Changing Numbers, Fine-Tuning Values, and Praying That The Robot Won't Kill Anybody. Unfortunately, the entire process will have to be repeated with the 2018 robot’s drive base.