Tuesday, March 12, 2019

2019 Auburn Mountainview

This past weekend we went to our first competition, at Auburn Mountainview high school. This was our first time coming to Auburn Mountainview since 2015, and it was certainly an unforgettable experience.
On Friday, we were able to set up our pit efficiently, giving us plenty of time to work on much-needed robot repairs. We then proceeded to go through inspection, tweaking our robot along the way, until we passed inspection on Saturday morning.  
Team members working hard on the robot
Our first few matches were rough. Multiple robot issues prevented us from executing our strategy of scoring hatch panels and climbing to level 3, and we ended our second match ranked 24th.
However, after reevaluating our strategy and our robot’s capabilities, we made the decision to switch from focusing primarily on hatch panels and climbing to cargo pods. The result was gradual improvement that culminated in a 5-match winning streak as we gradually scored more and more cargo. We ended qualification matches on Sunday ranked 15th, a drastic improvement from where we were ranked before.
Our robot Raven picking up cargo
After qualification matches, we gratefully joined an alliance led by alliance captain SeaBot (1258) and Reign Robotics (5588), where we faced the #2 alliance in the quarterfinals, who consisted of Code Purple (5827), Spartabots (2976), and Phoenix Force Robotics (2097).
Our alliance, made up of Reign Robotics (left), us (center), and SeaBot (right)
We won our first quarterfinal match but had to replay it due to a field fault. Although we did win the replay, we lost the next two matches in a long and hard-fought battle, failing to make the semifinals.
The team headed back to the stands to watch the rest of the elimination matches and the awards ceremony. While we were there, we received good news: we had earned the Motorola Quality Award for our detailed CAD model, usage of 3D-printed parts, and innovative level 2 climb!
All in all, this was a very exciting and thrilling competition to be a part of. We are taking the next few days off to rest and hope to see many of our fellow teams two weeks from now at Glacier Peak!
Our team giving out high fives