Monday, January 20, 2020

Day 7: PYROtyping?

Since we didn't have school today, we met from 4 to 8pm. There was some excitement at the beginning of the meeting because part of the football field outside our shop caught on fire! Thankfully, the firefighters arrived to put it out and nobody was hurt, but it was still an exciting distracting incident for everyone in the shop.

Subteams have gotten increasingly busy as time goes on: we have an important deadline tomorrow (a finished bill of materials listing all of our parts), and everyone has been racing to get it done. Our computer lab was full of people furiously CADing (and breaking SolidWorks), and a lot of work was also done to finalize each subteam's prototypes. Everyone's a little stressed, but we were provided with a much-needed break when one of our parents provided a pasta dinner!

Tomorrow, we'll be... well, not entirely glad to be getting back to school, but happy that we'll be able to continue our regularly scheduled meetings for the week.

As always,