Monday, March 2, 2020

2020 Glacier Peak

On Saturday and Sunday, we competed in our first competition of the year at Glacier Peak High School, hosted by the Sonic Squirrels (team 2930). We were very excited to compete with Harry for the first time, despite a few programming errors. We loaded in our pit and robot on Friday and got through inspection on Saturday morning.

We played the first match of the competition on Saturday, which unfortunately ended with our robot getting disabled. However, the day improved from there as we worked out some code problems and made a few mechanical tweaks. Other team members focused on our Chairman's presentation and scouting as well as watching our matches (and cheering, of course!), and we were able to finish out Saturday with a record of 5-4.

Hanging out with our #Bellevue Alliance friends

On Sunday we continued improving our robot, finally getting our climb system working! This was exciting for everyone on the climb subteam as well as drive team, as we were finally able to climb during one of our matches. However, we still faced several difficulties (our Ethernet port broke!), as well as a difficult match schedule, and went into alliance selection with a record of 6-6, ranked 22nd. A few team members also spent Sunday morning giving the "sales pitch" to teams in picking positions, hoping to ensure that we would be invited to join an alliance.

During alliance selection, we enthusiastically joined the 3rd seed alliance, led by Team Pronto (3070) and Murphy's Law (4681). Unfortunately, we were defeated during quarterfinals by the 6th seed alliance, which included event finalists Spartabots (2976), Sonic Squirrels (2930), and The Roboctopi (4918). However, we were happy with our performance, given the issues we were having at the beginning of the competition.

We enjoyed the rest of the elimination matches (interspersed with the occasional dance break) and got a welcome surprise: during the awards ceremony, our team was presented with the Entrepreneurship Award due to the hard work of our Business team! After the competition ended, we helped the volunteers tear down and pack up the field, and then retired to Red Robin for a well-earned meal.

Our Business team with their well-earned award

We're looking forward to competing at Auburn Mountainview next week, hopefully with an improved robot and some drive practice.

Good luck to everyone, and