Monday, January 26, 2015

Day 24

Design was the word of the day.

The team is cramming to maintain schedule to ensure that we have parts CADded, ordered, and machined in the next couple days so that we can start assembling the robot and leave time for testing at the end of the season.

Multiple teams are deep in some motor torque calculations, the elevator and the RC claw are making sure that their motors of choice will be able to lift their respective gamepieces.

The gripper re finalized their CAD today, this time with correct dimensions.

The elevator system is now using worm drive with long shafts to keep the gripper arm upright (drawing and diagrams will come, I promise).

Roller intake wins the award for first team to bolt together production parts.

Drive base has returned to the wheel outside of frame design in an effort to preserve what little space they have.

Many systems seem prepared to send parts to get machined at IV tomorrow, and hopefully, all design and prefabrication will be done by the end of the meeting tomorrow.