Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Day 25

As of today all teams are finalizing designs.  We are slightly behind in our rigorous schedule, but are quickly catching up.  Assembling systems will hopefully begin as soon as the parts arrive.  Most subteams have gotten the specialized components of their systems machined at Intellectual Ventures.  As soon as ordered parts arrive the most fun part of the season, hence the name Build Season will begin.  We hope this will get more students to come back, as our numbers have been slowly declining.

A name for this year's robot, which will have a female name in following our tradition in alternating between make and female names, was proposed today.  Last year our robot had an acronym name, CONDOR, which stands for Cooperatively Optimized Northwest Offensive and Defensive Robot.  We hope to make a tradition for future years of acronym names, and the name proposed today fulfilled that.  Details and reveal will come later.

Just a few more days until we start building!