Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Day 26

As I have probably said every emday for the past week, were so close to finishing design work I can almost taste it.

Tomorrow will hopefully be the final day of designing parts to be machined. 

After finding out their proposed rod was exorbitantly expensive, the elevator team managed to find a different product. 

With a new shipment I parts, we got a couple BAG motors, on no wheels and talon srx's. The motors and wheels have the roller intake almost competition ready, and the new talons have the software team a bit giddy. 

Lots of progress was made today, an hopefully we can finish by tomorrow. 

The search for a robot name continues. My personal vote (yes, I'm using the blog for propoganda) is Wile E. because of all the ACME rod on this thing. The backronym can be found later.