Monday, February 5, 2018

Day 24: Birthday Cake!

Today was a team member’s birthday! To celebrate, we ate tacos for dinner and cake for dessert. Alas, metal cutting skills do not necessarily translate into cake cutting skills! Perhaps a bandsaw would’ve been better.

We also got a (sort of) working drive base! The good news is that it moved. The bad news is that it didn’t always move in the right direction. There was more resistance on one side of the drive base, so the robot curved to one side.

Because lift is still waiting for parts, they worked on a wooden lift today. This involved dangerous tasks such as standing on a wooden table, drilling while standing on top of a wooden table, and jumping off of said wooden table. On a more positive note, the wooden lift successfully lifted up a milk crate (aka a Power Cube) and two batteries!

Intake received some long-awaited parts (wheels) and began adding them to their system. They also tested their system with the new wheels spinning.

Climber continued to work on mounts. Apparently, everyone’s asked them, and “working on mounts” has been the answer all eight times. It’s good to know that they’re making progress.