Thursday, February 15, 2018

Day 34: (Somewhat) working robot!

Today we (sort of) fixed lift, which means that we have an (sort of) working robot! We do need some more rope for climb, but that is a relatively minor fix.

We also worked on making the intake close faster. This also had the effect of making open slower. Given the choice, however, we believe it’s better to close fast than open fast.

Programming tested and verified multiple different autonomous modes. Unfortunately, sometimes they tested the wrong one by accident.

A few team members also tipped the robot to see how far it would go without falling over. Surprisingly, the robot’s center of gravity is lower than we thought.

Intake painted our blue bumpers and demonstrated their ingenuity by building a speaker out of two cups and a cardboard tube. Of course, that happened before they figured out how to hook the audio up to the robotics room.