Monday, January 28, 2019

Day 17: Build begins

Today we were able to start building stuff! (some of us, anyway). While the amount of progress made varied from subteam to subteam, some of us were at least able to start the manufacturing process, utilizing the tools we have such as the CNC mill and drill press. Although we didn’t receive as many parts as we wanted to, we began building regardless, hoping that our parts will come soon.

In addition to manufacturing, subteams who weren’t finished with their CAD models continued to work on them in hopes of finishing soon and moving on to the building phase as well. They were productive today and will have a completed CAD model shortly.

Drive practice continued today, albeit with a few caveats. First, our communications issues continued, although they mysteriously decreased over time for no apparent reason. Secondly, we have had to “play it by ear,” as they say, due to delays caused by robot malfunction. Despite these hardships, a few people were able to practice their skills and prepare themselves for drive trials.