Saturday, February 1, 2020

Day 13: WAFFLES!!! (and also some robotics)

Today we made a lot of progress! Most subteams have finalized their CAD, and are finishing up their prototypes. We've even started making parts for our actual robot (a couple of people spend the entire meeting putting tread on wheels. The entire meeting). One of the most exciting parts of today was seeing our shooter and turret come together with our new Limelight and programming! It was super fun to watch the testing, and the Power Cell made it into the high goal multiple times! We're going to have to refine it a little more, but it was awesome to see a little of what our robot is going to end up looking like.

On another note... WE GOT WAFFLES! YAY!
Our team really likes waffles. A couple of amazing parents (thank you!!!) made them fresh in our shop to celebrate a student's birthday, and everyone agreed that it was one of the best lunches we've ever had. Especially since there was Nutella. And strawberries.

We just... really like waffles.