Monday, February 3, 2020

Day 14: Some More Fire Stuff

Today was our first normal Monday meeting in a while, since we actually had school today. You could tell because everyone looked exhausted. Anyway, we continued our work on CAD and prototyping, which we've been doing for... a while now. Hopefully we can actually start building soon.

Excitement of the day: one of our subteams also had a bit of a... mishap with the laser cutter, in that one of their pieces almost caught on fire and ended up very, very charred. Thankfully, nothing in the shop actually ended up on fire, and it didn't even smell as bad as the time someone put a Cup O'Noodles in the microwave with no water (long story).

In terms of food, we had a wonderful pasta dinner! We also had some delicious pralines thanks to a student who brought in treats for his birthday (thank you!!!).