Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Day 32

After not having robotics on Sunday and being far to depressed from the Super Bowl to update the blog on Monday, I am here to happily report that our team's cup woes continue
We now have a surplus of cups, but no bowls or plates. 

On the subject of the actual robot, stuff is finally starting to come in at a rapid rate from IV. 

Wonderful pictures of all the parts will be uploaded tomorrow, but for now, I can say that all that is left to machine are a few parts on the RC claw and the gearbox for the elevator. (Some other minor stuff as well, but those are the main incomplete assemblies). 

The elevator system seems to finally have their space issues remedied and there will be a completed design by the start of tomorrow's meeting ready for extensive fabrication. 

The gripper has all their parts and is now assembling them in house
Those sparks are beautiful. It's the sign of robots getting built!

The drive base has a bunch I metal cut on the table just outside of view of the picture above. They also have their plates bent and will hopefully be getting their frame welded tomorrow. 

The robot is starting to take shape, and the improvements should come much more rapidly in the next few days.