Sunday, April 2, 2017

2017 Auburn


Many competitions have ups and downs, but this one had even more than usual. If there is a rollercoaster in Washington, it is located in Auburn High School.

Fortunately, this rollercoaster started on a high note. We quickly went through inspection and spent the rest of Friday doing drive practice and fixing some networking issues.

On Saturday, the rollercoaster began its exhilarating and nerve-wracking journey. Many times, it seemed as if we won one match and lost the one right after that. The good news is that we consistently had three rotors turning by the end of match, plus an additional 50 points for climbing. The bad news is that our wild ride gave many members of our team motion sickness (also known as being extremely tired and fatigued).

The next day, we split our last two qualification matches and ended up with a record of 6-6, ranked #14.

From there, the rollercoaster began its upward ascent. We joined an alliance with the #7 seed, 5295 (Aldernating Current), and our hosts, 3219 (TREAD). After many hard fought matches, we ended up as semifinalists. Our journey reached its peak when we won the Innovation and Control Award for our vision tracking and gear intake.

Sadly, what goes up must come down, and to our disappointment, we will not be going to the District Championship in Cheney.

However, we were still able to achieve a lot this weekend. We scored four rotors three times (once in elimination matches) and even had a high score of 395.

We hope to see you next year!


Thursday, March 30, 2017

Out of Bag Day II

Today was spent working on climbing and autonomous.

A new motor and gearbox were added onto our climber, replacing the old ones. With these new additions, our robot can now climb in 8 seconds once we have grabbed onto the rope (compared to 20 seconds at Glacier Peak).

After we finished working on the climber, autonomous testing began. Although some networking issues prevented autonomous from working at all at Glacier Peak, the team believes we have fixed those and hopes to test it out at Auburn this weekend.

Just in case, the team also implemented a "dumb" autonomous mode. In this mode, Falca will simply drive forward for 4 seconds, crossing the baseline and earning 5 points.

We hope to see you this weekend at Auburn!


Sunday, March 26, 2017

2017 Glacier Peak

This was a series of downs, ups, and downs (Peaks and valleys?)

After the usual setting up and robot inspection on Friday, we returned Saturday morning eager to cooperate and compete with other teams.

Unfortunately, that eagerness was in jeopardy when we lost our first few matches. A big reason for this was our robot repeatedly losing communication.

Even worse, our autonomous didn’t work, and our climber had difficulty catching the rope.

It was not a good time for the Robototes. At times it felt as if FRC stood for FIRST Robots Cry.

However, we were able to pull ourselves together and fix many problems. We added more Velcro to the climber, fixed our communication problems (it turned out to be some bad wiring), and made significant progress in autonomous.

Aided by these improvements, we won nearly all of last few Saturday matches.

On Sunday, we continued our streak of success and finished qualification matches with a record of 7-5, ranked #18.

Unfortunately, our matches ended there. The first few matches when we had the communication problems lowered our stats, and as a result, nobody picked us.

Our team will be spending a long week working on the robot, and we hope to see you this weekend at Auburn.


Saturday, March 18, 2017

Out of Bag Day I: Driving, Driving, and more Driving

Today we spent all 6 hours of our Robot Access Period working on autonomous and driving.

Software continued to work on autonomous. Many improvements were made, and the team hopes that we will be reliably scoring 65 points in autonomous during competition.

After software finished autonomous testing, the drive team took over and practiced picking up gears, putting them on the peg, and climbing.

While the drive team practiced operating the robot, the rest of team worked on preparing for competition. This included discussing scouting, looking at match scores from other competitions, and bringing out materials for the pit.

This will be the last blog post before competition. With that,


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Day 35: …perfect?

After 6 weeks (and some change), FRC Team #2412 is proud to present our 10th creation: Falca.

Falca can pick up gears, put them on pegs (in teleop and autonomous), and climb.
·        Teleoperated:
o   6 wheel tank drive, powered by 4 CIMs
o   Pneumatic gripper can pick gear off the ground
o   Chain-driven climber powered by a 775 pro
·        Autonomous:
o   Can put gear on any peg
o   Crosses baseline for extra 5 points
(Yes, I copied these from the team’s homepage).

Like yesterday, there was a lot of autonomous testing and drive practice in today’s meeting. The team also worked on making little birdies to give out during competition.
Although we had some…wiring issues with the robot, we were eventually able to get autonomous to put the gear on the side pegs consistently.


Monday, February 20, 2017

Day 34: Not so perfect practice makes...?

Today's meeting in two words: Practice and Autonomous.

A session of drive practice (thanks again to NRG for letting us use your practice field!) was sandwiched between debugging autonomous. However, if today were a sandwich, it would have some very moldy bread, with some slightly less moldy meat in between.

Needless to say, autonomous testing didn't work that well. The biggest issue is consistently putting the gear on the peg.

Meanwhile, the drive team practiced driving. The biggest problem is picking up the gear when the drive team can't even see it.

We only have one meeting left before Stop Build Day. This team has already gone crazy. Let's just hope we'll be sane enough to fix the robot tomorrow.


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Days 32 and 33: Last weekend before stop build day

The blogger was absent on Friday, and there was no meeting on Saturday. Therefore, today and Friday's meetings will be combined into a single blog post.

On Friday, the team went to a practice field (thanks, NRG!), where drive practice was held for potential human players, pilots, and backups. The team also fixed an issue where the robot was not driving straight.

Today, the team continued to work on refining autonomous modes. The robot's bumpers are also complete, although the team has yet to put them on the robot.


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Day 31: Random Things

Today our team did not have very many things to do. This resulted in a multitude of general silliness.

Fortunately, our team did some things. Our team determined that our codriver boards are as messy as our plates (and laps) when eating tacos. Therefore, the team spent some time rewiring them (the boards, not the tacos).

We also continued to work on fixing the robot when it was discovered that there some problems with wiring.

The team continued to work on programming autonomous modes for putting the gear on the left and right pegs.


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Day 30: Drive Team (mostly) Announced

Today the drive coach, driver, and co-driver have been decided:

Jacob Brouwer - Drive Coach
Timothy Eng - Lead Driver
Mikaela Ikeda - Co-Driver

(Apologies if I misspelled anybody's name, including my own)

The human player and pilot will be decided later on.

Meanwhile, the gear and drivebase subteams unofficially dissolved and became one group of People Doing Hardware Things.
These "Hardware Things" consisted of actions such as working on the bumpers and making spare parts for the robot.

Software continued to work on testing autonomous. Fortunately, the robot can still put the gear on the peg.

Because of a lack of food and things to do, this meeting ended before 6.


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Day 29: Drive Tryouts (Part 2)

Today was the second and probably last day of drive tryouts. Although this team has many members who are good at driving, we can only have one driver at competition. The mentors will (likely) reveal this person tomorrow.

Meanwhile, other subteams continued working:
The (partially disbanded) drivebase subteam continued to work on painting the bumpers, fixing the drivebase, and other odd jobs.

Gear intake and programming continued their ritual of fighting over taking turns working on the robot. Autonomous can now put a gear on if the robot is in the center.

Our business team also received two new mentors! The team continues to work on a business plan.

Because today was Valentine's Day, today's dinner (lasagna and fried rice) involved some very...interesting conversations.