Monday, January 18, 2016

Day 7

Today the team began to prototype systems needed for our future robot. We divided up into 3 subsystems, not totally official but much needed.

Drive Base (A very essential system) discussed wheel types. Size, brand, and type, as well as clearance of certain terrains.

The ball picking up system was split into 2 groups, each trying to prototype a different system to pick up the boulders on the field.

> Roller intake
Attempting to capture the idea of our successful 2014 competition robot, (Condor) this prototype subteam worked on creating a prototype of a roller intake. Something to capture the boulder by taking it in via roller or wheel.
> Claw capture
Worked on a system that could intake the ball into the frame of a drive base with a claw or capture device, keeping it held within the frame of a robot to move around.

Prototype Day 1 done.