Monday, February 15, 2016

Day 31


Team Leader and Safety Captain stayed at IV for so long, that when leadership walked into the robotics room, there was this!

A shiny gleaming machined fresh-out-of-IV Drive base frame!!

All that CADing pays off doesn't it. This thing is gorgeous!

Frame and belly pan. Check!

On a CAD note, The subteams are fixing all the tiny things needed to make this thing perfect. 

It's fun when you get to edit your "perfect" CAD model to make it 0.1 inch bigger so it will fit with another piece.

On the new robot side of things...

This team does not like putting wheels together. Its tedious, and takes forever, but it must be done.
Apparently there were lots of finger cramps, trying to squeeze an inner tube into the tire, and close it.

Behold the tire table fiasco. 

"40 minutes to put together 1 tire" A team member said. 

6 tires for each robot.

All in summary, the robot is finally coming to life in the shop. While it may not be moving yet, It's being built, and that is very exciting for our team.

I am very much excited to say...