Friday, January 20, 2017

Day 11

Today's meeting ended early, at 5:30 pm, due to a lack of people available.

The drivebase team worked on complex gear calculations. This involved filling a page with some math equations, crude drawings, and a table titled, "LEGO gear ratio table".

Meanwhile, the gear manipulation subteam kept working on their intake prototype. Thanks to them, our gear intake prototype looks a lot less like a prototype and a lot more like a working intake system.

Off to the side, where they always work, the software subteam worked on many things. This included fixing some exceptions that were being thrown in the roboRIO software, installing and testing OpenCV on a Raspberry Pi, and eating lots of goldfish. (Well, maybe the last part was just Yours Truly).

Each subteam also prepared for the design review that will be held tomorrow at 9:30. Lunch will be provided.