Thursday, February 2, 2017

Day 20

Today seemed to have more of everything: More people, more food, and (quite possibly) more productivity. Loud noises were quite prevalent as the team continues to grow closer to a working robot.

Continuing a recent trend, drivebase continued to perform a variety of odd jobs. Fortunately, some gears (no, not the game piece) arrived, allowing the drivebase subteam to work on the gearboxes. They also worked on designing the layout of the electronics board.

The gear subteam continued to discuss and work on their design. Although we created the basic concept a while ago, a few details are slowing the team down.

Software spied on all the other subteams (We are watching you) and continued to work on vision processing. The programming lead also participated in a discussion concerning the electronics board along with the drivebase subteam and the robot lead.

Thanks to one of our parents, we had an unusually large amount of food to eat for dinner. Even better, they took the leftovers home, which means that our already small fridge wouldn't be overflowing with food.