Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Day 15: Goals

Today each subteam came up with goals to do by Saturday. Note: We won't be meeting tomorrow or Thursday because of Finals.

Intake’s goal is to have a working prototype. Lift is working on materials and mounting points. Climber's goal is to "get this thing done".

With the annual time crunch of build season in mind, phrases such as "we don't have much time" and "come on" were common. At least, for one subteam.

Today's dinner was tacos. In keeping with team tradition, tonight's dinner conversation was intriguing and... unusual.

Software either...
a) Didn't come
b) Came for a little bit but left because only a few people came, or
c) Talked with intake for most of the meeting.

On a side note, the programming team updated the autonomous logic. This new autonomous will follow our latest strategical decisions.

We also submitted the Woodie Flowers Award today! The judges will look over it at the Auburn District Event.