Sunday, February 18, 2018

Day 37: Drive tryouts

Today we held drive tryouts, the much-anticipated (and dreaded, for some) event where people drive/operate the robot and try not to destroy anything. Fortunately, they succeeded...most of the time. The robot never caught on fire, and the school remained unharmed, so we escaped with our lives (and egos) intact.

After dinner, drive team was announced. In addition to our drive coach, driver, and codriver, we will have three people rotating between human player and technicians (the third person will be in the pits).

Programmers also worked on testing autonomous, both at Sammamish and also at ESC West, where our practice field is. Tomorrow, we will start our meeting there at 8 and then go back to Sammamish at 10 or 11. Only drivers and programmers (as well as a few people for scouting) need to come.