Wednesday, March 27, 2019

2019 Glacier Peak

Two weeks after our first competition, we headed to Glacier Peak High School. Despite a slow start, we played well at the end in one of the most successful competitions in our history.
We worked efficiently on Friday once again, passing through inspection without a hitch. We were then able to test our level 3 climb and proved that it worked three times in a row.
Like our last competition at Auburn Mountainview, our first matches were rather slow, but we picked up speed as time progressed, winning five matches in a row (again). The work we put into testing our level 3 climb paid off, as we were able to climb to level 3 reliably in our last few matches. This, along with cooperation with our alliance partners, allowed us to end qualification matches ranked 8th.
We eventually became the #6 seeded alliance captain, along with Viking Robotics (2928) and our partner from Auburn Mountainview, Reign Robotics (5588). Throughout eliminations, we focused on scoring cargo, Viking Robotics played excellent defense, and Reign Robotics placed hatch panels.
After many close and exciting elimination matches, we reached the finals! This is truly a remarkable accomplishment and we would not have made it without the help of our wonderful alliance partners. We’d also like to give a shout out to Saints Robotics (1899), from our rival Interlake, for playing wonderful defense in the semifinals.
When the final matches ended, we returned to the stands and watched the awards ceremony, high-fiving teams as they came down to the field to receive their awards. During the ceremony, we received two awards – one for reaching the finals, and the Imagery Award for the visual appearance of our robot, pit, uniform, and even business plan. We’ve spent many years improving our team brand, and it is highly rewarding to see our work pay off!
We are excited to compete at the Pacific Northwest District Championship in less than two weeks for the first time in too long. Preparations are already underway and we’re working hard to improve our robot even more. We hope to see many familiar teams there, and meet new ones as well.