Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Day 15: Happy Birthday (Lock the Doors!)

Today we celebrated another student's birthday! This time we had cake, which was very exciting. We're getting better at singing, too, despite the fact that the student tried to flee the room as soon as we started (we totally didn't chase him... really, we didn't...).

We had a generally productive day of reading the Harry Potter chapter that was written by an A.I. CAD and prototyping, though a couple of subteams have run out of things to do while waiting for parts to arrive. They did end up making bordies, though, so now we have lots of terrifying tiny red birds for competition (which is coming up quickly...). We also had more tacos! I don't know what's up with robotics and tacos, but we sure end up eating a lot of them...

Tomorrow we'll have a day to catch up on homework and sleep before our Thursday meeting (guys, you should catch up on homework and sleep).

Until then,