Friday, February 21, 2020

Day 25: Back and Forth

Today, a lot of our subteams made great progress! The day was filled with lathing, cutting, drilling, testing, and, of course, use of the trusty Part Persuasion Device (the mallet. We used the mallet a lot). Our shooter is looking better than every, since several people spent most of the meeting testing it (complete with loud cheers every time we scored in the Inner Port). Our drive base is also looking great, and everything else seems to be coming along nicely.

With a few exceptions, of course. One of our subteams accidentally ordered the wrong parts due to a CAD mistake and spent a while freaking out trying to solve the problem by asking other teams for parts. Thankfully, we were able to get what we needed (we hope) due to a gracious contribution by Saints Robotics (1899). Yay Bellevue Alliance!

On another note, we ate lunch outside today! We had a tasty rice dish and some awesome desserts baked by our captain (thanks for the sugar!!!). Hopefully the fresh air did us some good... (the shop is starting to smell like we're spending too much time in it).

Overall, we were pretty productive, and we hope to keep doing so tomorrow.