Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Day 39

The robot is starting to come together, hopefully, by the end of tomorrow, it will be complete and ready for testing. 

We seem to have almost hit the points where individual system updates are unnecessary, as now, what matters is what has gotten on the robot. The elevator system is currently missing its gearbox and threaded rod, but that should come on soon

The gripper arm is almost fully mounte on the elevator, and can be raised and lowered by hand and effectively lift totes

The RC claw is also mounted on the robot, an is almost ready to be tested (I think it's missing a gear). 

Finally, this robot is by far the biggest one we have ever built. I would be shocked if we were not one of the biggest robots at competition this year. 

Hopefully. The rest of the robot will be assbled and ready to test by the end of tomorrow's meeting.