Saturday, January 23, 2016

2 Days without Robotics

A former team member, one who updated the blog along with last years Robot Lead, created a poem for this particular time of the year.

The dreaded Finals week.
This deserves a re-post. It's awesome.

Two Days without Robotics
Two days without robotics,
how can one bear?
Yet we must allot time for finals--
it's only fair.

Yes, while a privilege,
school can be a bore,
some will even argue
at robotics, one learns more.

Don't use those free evenings
to kill time at the mall.
Study for finals,
good luck to us all.

I sense the disappointment
as you wallow in sorrow,
but cheer up my friend--
robotics resumes tomorrow.

See what I mean? Genius creativity by Savannah Yee. 
Good luck with finals, Robototes!