Saturday, January 23, 2016

Day 13

After Finals, comes Robotics.

Jumping back into the routine of prototyping, the team continued to build their test systems.

There was some fun testing the climber system with a drill and pulleys!

...Which led to a concerning discussion bringing up about how the robot would approach the castle to capture and climb it. The robot base size that was originally discussed was too big to drive up close and climb "legally". (Well stated by the climber subteam lead.) Some of the team members leading the design process had a talk with our mentors, who helped us come up with alternate solutions to this problem.

The team also had a good dinner. Alfredo noodles and veggies. Thank you robotics parents. You are much appreciated.
We're near the end of prototyping, and CAD will come next.

And seriously. Pictures. There will be pictures.