Saturday, January 23, 2016

Day 14

Prototyping is nearing it's end.

Several members of the team went off today to the engineering room of SHS to CAD the drive base and the boulder intake. Learning wasn't too much of a challenge, and we managed to get some sketches and models started for this year's robot.
Work in the shop part of our room on the climber system continued, and several Ri3D videos were watched for inspiration.

Another note not normally brought up yet is our programming team. ...Or programmer, because in this team we currently only have one.

(Freshman) Timothy Eng, and a programming mentor have been working hard on the Drive Board computer for the past few days. (Which I failed to mention)
Kudos to them, they freshly reset the computer, and finally today were able to get it to talk to our 2015 RoboRio, and a shout out to our only 2412 programmer Timothy for working through it!

When is it ever not going to be said.