Saturday, February 6, 2016

Day 20 & 21

Design and CAD. That's how most of the days have gone.

Most subteam leads have spent time in the engineering room CADing with certain mentors, on the systems that our robot will have.

Other members, mainly the ones who were not occupied with design, were instructed to build the kit bot that we got at the beginning of the season. 
There was lots of mallet pounding, shouting, stripping bolts, interesting choices of 80's/90's music blaring through the speakers, and excited freshman waiting to see it move for the first time.

These exited members stayed very late to finish building, and attempted to get the small bot working.
Using electronics from the brain of a robot, they apparently managed to get it to work a bit... before hearing a pop sound, and it stopped. They decided to finish for the night.

Is it ever NOT going to be said?