Saturday, February 6, 2016

Day 22: Robot Design Review

Today most of the sub team/leadership team members and mentors met in the SHS Atrium, and discussed how the CAD of the robot is coming along. Parts are to be signed off soon, and sent to Intellectual Ventures for manufacturing.

Big screens and microphones are fun.

Leadership team members, mentors, and our programmer each went up and presented the makings of the final designs!

Drive base: Nearly complete on CAD! Its design incorporates the needs of the other systems on the robot.

Climber: Prototype has been CADed. It's delivery system includes a ratchet so it does not fall, or make the robot fall. It hooks on via the PVC pipe delivery with pulleys, and cranks up using the drive gearboxes that shift over from drive to climb!

Intake: An arm that is strikingly similar to our 2014 robot will take in boulders with a rolling belt system, and can push them back out into the lower goals. A pocket in the robot enables it to carry a boulder without dropping it when traveling across the field.

Code: The secret language of those who communicate with and command the computers (And robots!) of the world. Our programmer talked about how the code will control the robot, and a bit on how systems will be programmed!

(Pictures maybe later)

The robot is coming soon!