Saturday, February 6, 2016

Day 24 & 25

The blogger was out of commission these 2 days.

Day 24
A presentation about a new sponsor, Wayback Burgers, was given. We will get a portion of the money they make on Mondays. This will help our team financially.

The team also had another mini design review to show the members who were not at the last design review on Saturday what was covered.

Otherwise, these days were pretty much similar to days in the past.
Plans for a new cart were discussed, as well as more CADing with drive base and subsystem work.

Some "testing" on the kitbot happened. (Which involved the destruction of Ypotrylla's brain)
Software testing happened at some point too. Somehow.

Day 25
Pizza is becoming the food that feeds these hungry Robototes. At least we haven't run out of cups.

Our programmer wasn't too happy about Yppy's brains getting taken apart.
Testing on robot code continued after they were put back together, and successfully worked.

On the other side, CAD and cart design continued as normal. Pictures later. (Again)

Lots of work to be done.