Monday, January 23, 2017

Day 13

Today marked the beginning of the dreaded Finals Week.

Because the team knows and recognizes that studying (whatever that is) is a very important part of said Finals week, there will be NO MEETING Wednesday and Thursday (but we plan on meeting tomorrow and Friday).

However, just because it was finals week didn't mean that we couldn't accomplish anything. On the contrary, the team met from 3:30 to 8, two hours later than we've been meeting during Weeks 1 and 2.

As usual, subteams met and separately worked on their systems:

-The gear subteam installed CAD on their school computers and began learning how to use it. They also had quite a bit of fun working on their intake design...
-The drivebase subteam officially decided, with the approval of the other subteam leads, that this year's robot will be using tank drive, not mecanum
-Software worked on vision processing (very fancy), a logging system for the robot (sort of fancy), and drew some blue rectangles on a whiteboard and used them as vision targets (not as fancy)
-Business washed out all of the team's cups (thank you business team!) and worked on a financial statement

Our team also ate dinner, graciously provided by one of our robotics parents. Dinner was mac and cheese, two different types of salad, and some very high calorie tasty cookies. There was also a bag of rolls. The team hopes that these rolls won't grow mold like last year.