Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Day 14

Like yesterday, today's meeting was from 3:30 to 8. There will be NO MEETING tomorrow and Thursday because of finals.

Subteams continued to work on their subsystems:

-The gear subteam met and continued to work on one of the more difficult challenges that their design has faced so far
-The drivebase subteam built a "working" drivebase for software to test and experiment with. Unfortunately, it wasn't completely working because the team found that one of the CIMS was dead. The drivebase subteam spent the rest of the meeting fixing the drivebase and will continue doing so on Friday.
-The team received a new raspberry pi 3, so programming spent several hours setting it up. Although it boots and ssh is enabled, the required libraries have yet to be installed

Following what has become a recurring pattern, many students left early and many mentors came late. Somewhere in the middle there's a perfect balance between the two, but it has yet to be found...

Our team also had dinner (again), this time provided by a different parent. Kudos to so many different parents for stepping up and providing dinner for us!