Thursday, February 9, 2017

Day 24: 12

Today was much more productive than yesterday.

The drivebase subteam finished the electronics board (mostly) and began wiring pneumatics. The team will test the robot tomorrow and Saturday.

Meanwhile, the gear subteam mounted the gear intake onto the robot. They were able to test it and found that it works, although the team will need to modify the system a bit.

Software continued to calibrate and refine vision processing. Distance calculations are now significantly more accurate than they were yesterday.

Today's dinner was tacos and chips. Although it was delicious, the team found out early on that eating tacos neatly is not one of our strengths.

Also, to be consistent with yesterday's blog post, these blog posts will now have titles besides "Day XX". Yesterday's was "The Robototes Return", today's is the number 12.