Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Day 39: Bag and Tag

After many weeks of blood, sweat, and possibly tears, FRC Team #2412 is proud to present our 11th creation: Griffin.

Griffin can place (and shoot!) cubes in the switch, scale, and vault, as well as climb (pictured above).


        • Teleoperated:
          • 8 wheel tank drive, powered by 6 CIMs
          • Pneumatic and wheeled intake can pick up and shoot cubes
          • Lifting mechanism can go over 7 feet high
          • Fast climber (1-2 seconds once we're hooked onto the rung) powered by two 775 pros
            • Climb attaches to lift for simplicity and reliability
          • Fancy water-jetted electronics board that can be removed quickly and easily
        • Autonomous:
          • Can put one cube on from the left, middle, or right positions
          • Custom dashboard allows the drive team to set autonomous modes before a match
          • Can wait for any amount of time before driving to prevent us from running into other alliance partners
          • Possible scale autonomous that's really slow and sketchy

Today was the last day we had to work on the robot before bag and tag. Like yesterday, we focused on drive practice and autonomous. We reached a maximum of 6 cubes in the scale (but no climb, just parking on the platform).

We also reduced the robot's weight (aka drilling random holes and removing the metal shavings).

The worth of our new electronics board was proven many times, as we ended up removing it quite often.