Monday, March 19, 2018

2018 Auburn

Our drive team and robot in a hallway at Auburn High School
This weekend we went to our first competition! At Auburn High School, we competed and cooperated with 35 other teams.

The first day went well, despite a few mishaps. We went through inspection quickly, giving us time to drive and test our robot. Along the way, we discovered a few issues, most notably being the robot driving backwards in autonomous (don’t ask). Our robot also weighed 119.3 pounds, coming just under the weight limit. (It did, however, grow heavier over time as we made more modifications).

While Friday might have started out well, Saturday did not. We lost our first two matches, including one where our robot lost communication for most of the match due to an unplugged wire. In the third match, our alliance partners carried us to a win, even though our robot fell over and broke our climber arm.

However, we worked through our issues and entered alliance selection on Sunday ranked 15th with a record of 7-5.

The 6th seed, 1778 (Chill Out), selected us as their first pick and 3393 (Horns of Havoc) as their second. In the quarterfinals, we played against the #3 alliance, consisting of 488 (Team XBot), 4469 (R.A.I.D), and 2927 (Pi Rho Techs). Unfortunately, we lost in two matches and ended up as quarterfinalists.

However, our very own Dmitry Kaplan was recognized as a Woodie Flowers Finalist Nominee! The Woodie Flowers Award recognizes a mentor who motivates students and challenges them to communicate clearly themselves. We truly believe that Dmitry deserves this award, and can’t wait to see him compete against other mentors for it at the District Championship.
All in all, this was a very exhilarating and exhausting weekend, and we look forward to competing again a week from now at Glacier Peak.