Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Day 10: Design Review

Today was our design review!
Before the review (which started at night), subteams prepared for their presentations. For better or worse, this went by quickly.
Some mentors questioned the decision we made yesterday, so we decided to perform some more testing by driving old robots around. While this was certainly a very valuable and entertaining exercise (especially for the people driving the robots!), we managed to mildly wreck the wooden Hab:

Fortunately, the loading station is intact:

We had dinner once again! In addition to tacos and chips, this meal came with a heathy dose of us belting classic songs like Sweet Caroline at the top of our lungs.
During the design review, students presented designs to mentors, who gave feedback for the subteams to consider. This was a very thorough process, so thank you to everyone who stayed late and weathered the storm!