Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Day 9: Making decisions

Today subteams began to make decision regarding which designs we wanted to use. After what feels like many weeks of prototyping and testing (even though it’s only been a few days), this came as a relief to some, as it shows that we are making progress.
One of the most significant decisions we made today concerns our drivebase. While I won’t reveal what type of drivebase it is just yet, I will say that we made this decision with a great deal of deliberation, research, and robot reveal videos.
We also had dinner today! Dinners are often one of the highlights of these late-night meetings, and today was no exception. Thank you to all the parents who brought food today!
In addition to making decisions, we have also begun to clean up the robotics room with greater care than before. Part of this process involves putting parts away where they belong, which highlights our organizational abilities in good (or not so good) ways. As an example, we found a digital caliper in the fridge today, which understandably caused a slight amount of confusion. Then, we began to panic when we couldn’t find an important motor and gearbox for our T-shirt shooting robot, only to realize that the motor was inside the motors cabinet. This caused even more confusion, but at least we have a system now.