Thursday, January 16, 2020

Day 5: Basketball?

Today, we were finally able to return to our shop after an annoyingly long absence due to snow. We split into our new subteams and immediately got to work on designing, prototyping, and CAD.

A couple highlights:

Indexer made a large, detailed, and amazing prototype! This is going to be a central part of our robot, and we were excited to see it work.

Programming met separately from their subteams to talk about autonomous and other requirements. Our Lead Programmer also started messing around with one of our brand new Limelights.

We had a delicious dinner of pasta and soup (and pineapple!) courtesy of one of our amazing parents! Thank you for your support!

And finally, we got our Power Port assembled thanks to a lot of hard work from students and mentors. We had a lot of fun towards the end of the meeting trying to "score" in the Inner Port... let's just say that we hope our robot is more accurate than some of our team members. Either way, we now have a working field aspect and we're excited to use it!

Our brand new Power Port!

Overall, it was a fun and productive meeting, and we're glad to be back.