Saturday, January 18, 2020

Day 6: Saturday Stuff

Today, we met from 9am to 4pm. Given that the meeting was pretty long, all of the subteams were able to make a lot of progress. Each group finalized their designs, started CAD, and finished their prototypes. We have a lot of nice prototypes in our shop now, and we're excited to see (most of them) working! Each subteam also met with mentors to go over their designs and what they still need to do. We're hoping to have a parts list finalized by Tuesday so we can start building as soon as possible.

We also had sandwiches for lunch (yay!) and played a set of game manual Kahoot! (our team can be… uh… a bit competitive). Shout out to our Scouting Lead for playing on his flip phone (and winning).

Our shop also finally has completely finished field elements! They're taking up a decent amount of space, but nobody's hit their head on the Generator Switch (yet).

See you on Monday (and maybe get some sleep?)