Monday, February 10, 2020

Day 18: Gearing Up

Today we were more productive than we've been in a while. A couple of subteams got much-needed water-jetted parts from Intellectual Ventures, meaning that they got to start building. It was refreshing to see people actually walking around the shop and using all of our tools, instead of talking in a corner or sitting around a computer screen (it also got pretty much everyone out of the computer lab, which was great for the one subteam that was finalizing CAD).

We did suffer a couple of minor setbacks, but overall it felt like we accomplished more than we have in a while. Competition is coming up quickly, and we're going to have to start moving even faster if we're going to have a competitive robot in time. We'll be meeting for most of the rest of the week in order to get everything built, programmed, and tested.

We also had pasta for dinner, so thank you to all of our parent volunteers!