Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Day 19: Tapping

Today we continued our trend of actually building stuff! Unfortunately for many subteams, that meant facing a dreaded task: tapping.

A lot of subteams were tapping today. The day progressed a little like this:
1. Run around looking for a tap
2. Tap stuff
3. Break the tap
4. Repeat

This happened until we broke all of our taps (and most of our handles) and had to ask a mentor to pick up more. Then we resumed tapping. However, it did lead to some very... interesting innovations (tapping with a drill, tapping with the lathe, and even tapping with two pairs of vise-grip pliers stuck together. Most of this didn't work).

We're also getting closer to a finished drive base, which is very exciting for both mechanical and programming (who have been testing their code with our 2019 robot, Raven). A couple of subteams are working on finishing their systems and working our issues, while a few groups are still (sadly) waiting for parts.

We're getting there!